• Building Communities and Families

      Building Communities and Families 

      This workshop will explore a deeper understanding of the importance of community and family (both birth and chosen), among older LGBT adults to assure a better quality of life and avoid isolation that can severely impact ones physical and mental health.

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    • Finding Your LGBT Friendly Home

      Finding Your LGBT Friendly Home 

      You are your own best advocate, but how do you know what to look for? In this workshop, we’ll talk about how SAGE decides if a housing facility is LGBT-friendly and share some tips on what to look for when you are shopping for LGBT-friendly housing.

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    • Co-Housing 101

      Co-Housing 101 

      Co-housing builds on community to avoid loneliness and isolation and plays a crucial role in the future of LGBT housing. Grasp and understand the reality of what it takes to implement a co-housing project- no matter the size! It always takes a village! Co-sponsored by Welcome Home Communities

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    • Long Term Care Options

      Long Term Care Options 

      Do you find it hard to grasp the growing selection of long term care options? Discover options in affordability, comfort, location and culture. In this workshop, panelists will provide information of the services they provide and the investments they have made to welcome and appropriately serve LGBT older adults.

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    • A Renter’s Reality- Affordable Housing

      A Renter’s Reality- Affordable Housing 

      Get ahead of our challenging rental market. Specialists will provide a clear understanding of how to navigate the different types of affordable housing. Learn about eligibility requirements, waiting lists, and the relationship between property management companies and property owners.

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    • Out of the Box

      Out of the Box 

      If you’ve never been the traditional type, now is certainly not the time to change! This panel will explore unconventional options to fit your lifestyle.Learn how home owners can bring in new revenue by renting out rooms, what it takes to convert your property to an Accessory Dwelling Unit,and options to move to a new home with a smaller footprint- both financially and in terms of upkeep.

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    • Aging in Place

      Aging in Place 

      Are you among the growing group who wants to stay in your home as your needs change? Learn from panelists that specialize in support services to enhance the quality of life for those who would like to continue living in their own homes. Panelists will survey available resources, both private and government, that include: in home support, caregiver support, and the national Aging and Disability Resource Center.

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    • Creating Home

      Creating Home 

      When you think about the next five, ten or twenty years, how do you envision your life? Where will you be living?  With whom? What will you be looking for: A simpler lifestyle? Community? Relief from home maintenance? Freedom to travel, volunteer and visit family and friends?

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